FREE: Season Plan for Hockey Coaches

A season plan for minor hockey coaches

6 Steps to Mastering the Game of Hockey:

Have you created your season plan for hockey yet?  Have you ever wondered why someone can’t just hand you a plan and let you start coaching?  Me too, so I wrote one for you.**  This is a FREE 20 week season plan for hockey coaches following a tactical curriculum full of the terminology and tactics your team needs to truly master the game.  A typical minor hockey season is about 20 weeks, starting in September and ending in March.  Depending on your wealth of hockey knowledge, it may seem like eternity and you may wonder how on earth you’ll come up with new material each day to make sure you are always teaching.  For those with extensive knowledge, you may not know where to begin!  We have a simple solution for you.

**Note – Your practices should be filled with tons of skill development and small area game/battle drills in order for your players to get the most out of every session.   This season plan addresses the terminology, individual read/react tactics kids need to know, and system options for your team.  Much of this season plan can and should be taught off ice.  Please don’t spend more than about 25% of your practice teaching your team play strategies!  Much of what is packed into this season plan is conceptual, and can also be your point of focus while teaching on the bench in between shifts in a game.

What’s in the plan?

We’ve divided the 20 weeks into 6 key steps and focus on every zone of the ice, with and without the puck.  We fill the entire first section with hockey terminology you will need to truly understand, and teach, the game to your team. We strongly believe in using precious ice time for teaching individual skills and the skills required to execute individual and team tactics.  We’ve also had incredible success teaching much of what is in this season plan to kids off ice.  That’s in the dressing room, in the lobby of the rink in small group meetings, and through Q and A, trivia, games, and conversations.  We find this list to be perfect for kids about 10 years old and above.

In just so turns out that this 20 week hockey tactical curriculum is the video shot list for our online coaching course, How to Play Hockey (Wink, wink).  For those coaches with extensive knowledge about the game, this hockey season plan will set you up for success.  For those of you still learning the game (that is me, so it is likely the vast majority of you too), studying this season plan will likely make you realize that signing up for our online coaching course for hockey coaches will be just the ticket to take you to the level of competency you’ve always wanted.  From terminology like you here in an NHL locker room, to defensive zone coverage options, breakout principles, Power Play options, and much much more, there is so much you can, and need, to teach your minor hockey players.

Pick up this season plan for hockey coaches download, and come back to How to Play Hockey, to take the course.  If you read this free season plan for hockey coaches and figure you have things under control, we congratulate you and wish for more coaches in the world like you!

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