Half Ice Pee Wee Hockey Practice Plans

half ice hockey practice plans
Half Ice Pee Wee Hockey Practice Plans: A Complete Season

Download 45 half ice pee wee hockey practice plans that follow a full season curriculum of hockey drills written by Boe Leslie and Nate Leslie.  Every half ice pee wee hockey practice plan contains a small area game drill, 3 fundamental skating drills, 3 puck skill drills, and a hockey tactic drill.  There is a section of key teaching points, and recommendations for what this age of hockey player should know about the tactics of hockey.  These hockey drills and practice plans are designed specifically for half ice or shared ice practices, high volume of players, and will save you, the coach, significant time because we have planned an entire season of hockey practices for you.

“I highly recommend the Hockey Drills, Small Area Games, and Hockey Goalie Drills products for all youth hockey coaches.  Boe and Nate Leslie have created a unique system of coach and player mentorship.  I’ve enjoyed watching them develop their coaching business with the same professionalism and passion they brought to the game as players.” Andy Murray, 2011 IIHF Hall of Fame Inductee, 2009 NHL Jack Adams Coach of the Year Finalist

Half Ice Pee Wee Hockey Practice Plan Download Benefits:

  • Half Ice hockey practice plan
    Half Ice hockey practice plan layout

    Complete half ice pee wee hockey practice plans for an entire season

  • 48 half ice hockey practice plans easily adapted to full ice
  • PDF format: Easy to print or view on iPhone/Smart Phone
  • Age appropriate hockey skill drills, stations, small area games, & team tactics
  • Saves coach time & relieves pressures of a hectic schedule
  • A learning tool to become a better coach
  • Insure consistent, age appropriate skill development and game understanding
  • Let kids explore the game

Half Ice Pee Wee Hockey Practice Plans Include:

  • 5 minute skating warm up drill
  • 3 skating and 3 puck skill drills
  • At least one team system drill
  • A small area game
  • Curriculum: 10 hockey skills / month over 6 month season (more than 60 individual skills!)
  • Station based drills maximize ice use on half ice or multiple stations
  • Easily adapted to full ice
  • We encourage coaches to add levels of competition and make adjustments to each drill appropriate for their team

Team Systems Included:

Team systems have also been included in the Complete Season. It is our belief that team systems should be taught off-ice. This way, teams can can implement their dynamic structure while minimizing practice time spent standing around. Ice time is limited and expensive. Our Complete Season takes care of the planning, and lets the coach come to the rink ready to make the best use of ice time. Players learn and improve through fun, competitive practices involving skating, skills, tactics, and small area games. This manual will keep practices competitive as players stay engaged, improve and have fun. Each practice plan includes one team system drill.

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