Hockey Coaching Course Module 1: Critical Terminology & Technical Hockey Skills

Hockey coaching course module 1: How to play hockey

Hockey Coaching Course Module 1:

Critical Terminology & Technical Hockey Skills:

This hockey coaching course module 1 video content is taken from our complete 7 module course, How to Play Hockey.  The course video tutorials will effortlessly guide you through the complete A-Z of hockey tactics, theory, and structure in every zone of the ice. We’ve also added a ton of skating and puck skill technical tutorials.   So much of this great game can be taught off ice, but time is often too precious to spend at the rink or over a coffee or beer for coaches and hockey enthusiasts with busy lives to really learn all they can about the game.  

I’ve Watched many of Nate’s video tutorials and they are outstanding. – Andy Murray, 20 year NHL coach, 2009 NHL Jack Adams Coach of the Year Candidate, IIHF HAll of Fame, NCAA Western Michigan Head Coach.

I like the videos!! I am looking forward to the other modules being available for download. I like being able to download them as I fly to Saskatchewan about once every three months and I would rather learn some hockey strategy during that time on the plane than anything else. Coach Bert, Pee Wee House, Kitchener Ontario.

Our complete video hockey coaching course module 1-7, available to you 24/7, solves the issue of time, location, and accessibility to world class content.  We have learned that some coaches are comfortable knowing they have full access to our entire course for $9.99 CAD per month, but others want the content now, on their hard drives.  We have solved this pain for those hockey coaches by now offering our content available in downloadable modules as well!

Hockey Coaching Course Module 1:

Module 1 of our hockey coaching course gets you started with 1 hour of key hockey terminology you will need to build your foundational hockey understanding, as well as technical skating, puck skill, and passing techniques.  We have a ton more hockey coaching content available for download, right here on the site, with great discounts for purchasing more than 1 module right now.  If you want exclusive access 24/7 simply join our mobile/tablet friendly course for just $9.99 and get access to over 7 hours of video course content.

How do you know the hockey coaching course video content is quality?

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Hockey Coaching Course Module 1 Video Content:

Module 1: Hockey Terminology & Technical Skills Video Title Video File  #
Course Intro Introduction to How to Play Hockey 1
Hockey Terminology
Whiteboard Symbols 2
1.1 Areas of the Ice Areas of the Ice 3
House-Fort-Castle-Prime Scoring Area 4
Lanes 5
Seams 6
Quiet Zones 7
1.2 Tactical Terminology Transition 8
Defensive and Offensive Support 9
Puck Protection 10
Pinch and Stagger 11
Active Stick-Shoulder Checks-Head on a Swivel 12
Flat Skating 13
Timing 14
Technical Skills
1.3 Skating & Puck Skill Tips & Drills Skill Tip: Skating: How to Cross Over 29 – HT8
Skill Tip: Basic Stickhandling 23 – HT1
Skill Tip:How to Roof the Puck 24 – HT2
Puck trick – How to Scoop the Puck 26 – HT4
Skill Tip:How to Set up a One Timer 28 – HT6
Skill Drill: Stickhandling in Chaos 30 – HT9
Skill Drill: 2 Puck Stickhandling 31 – HT10
Skill Tip:How to Take a One Timer 32 – HT13
Skating: Forward to Backward Pivots 33 – HT14
Skating: Forward to Backward to Forward Pivots 34 – HT15
Skating:Open Mohawk Turns 35 – HT16
Skating:Puck Separation Teaching Spatial Awareness and Area Passes 36 – HT17
Skating: Keep it on the Forehand Puck Skills 37 – HT18
Skating: Punch Turns: Sharper Than a Tight Turn 38 – HT19
1.4 Passing Tactics Headman Pass 15
Back Pass 16
Overlap-Follow your Pass 17
Drop Pass in all 3 zones 18
Give and Go 19
Cycling 22
1.5 Passing Videos Skill Tip: How to Receive a Rim Pass 27 – HT5
Skill Tip: How to Saucer Pass 25 – HT3



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