Hockey Coaching Course Module 2: Defensive Zone With and Without the Puck

Hockey Coaching Course Module 2:

Defensive Zone with (breakouts) & without (coverage) the Puck

The Hockey Coaching Course Module 2: Defensive Zone with & without the Puck is one module of our complete course, How to Play Hockey.  The course is designed to take you through the complete A-Z of hockey tactics, theory, and structure in every zone of the ice.  

I’ve Watched many of Nate’s video tutorials and they are outstanding. – Andy Murray, 20 year NHL coach, 2009 NHL Jack Adams Coach of the Year Candidate, IIHF HAll of Fame, NCAA Western Michigan Head Coach.

I like the videos!! I am looking forward to the other modules being available for download. I like being able to download them as I fly often and I would rather learn some hockey strategy during that time on the plane than anything else. Coach Bert, Pee Wee House, Kitchener Ontario.

Module 2 dives into the most important aspects of team play, and that is playing in your own zone without the puck.  Defensive Zone Coverage systems, tactics, and theories can vary from team to team.  There are many ways to skin a cat, but the most important thing is to get your entire team on the SAME PAGE.  We try to address various opinions and strategies in this module.  We then move into play with the puck.  Once you gain possession in your own zone, you want to get out of your zone as quickly as possible.  This is commonly known as a breakout.  What type of breakout you use depends on many variables such as pressure, support, communication, and time in the game.   We go through many different options, and most importantly, how to read pressure and make good decisions.  

We have a ton more available for download for you to keep, available right here on the site.  If you want exclusive access 24/7 simply join our mobile/tablet friendly course for just $9.99 and get access to over 7 hours of course content.  Some coaches like Coach Bert want the content accessible when internet is not, on their hard drives.  We have solved this pain for those hockey coaches by now offering our content available in downloadable modules as well!

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Hockey Coaching Course Module 2 Video Content:

Module 2: Defensive Zone  Hockey Coaching Course Video Title Download File Number
2.1 Defensive Pressure Steering, Angling, Tracking 33
Gap Control 21
Holding the Line 20
Close Coverage, Closing Gap, Commit, Contain 34
Forcing to the Outside 39
Inside Out 41
2.2 Defensive Coverage Balanced Defence 35
Defensive Zone Coverage 36
Advanced Defensive Zone Coverage 79
Defensive Controlled Skating 37
Defensive Side Positioning 38
Man on Man Coverage 40
Switching 42
Backchecking Overview 92
Skill Tip: How to Take a Faceoff HT7
2.3: Breakouts Breakout Overview 43
Breakouts-All Positions D-Zone Puck Possession Responsibilities 44
Breakout: Quick Up 45
Breakout: Rim Pass 46
Skill Tip: How to Receive a Rim Pass HT5
Breakout: Wheel 47
Skill Tip: Defensive Escape: Hang ‘Em on the Post HT11
Breakout: Three Quarter Round 48
Breakout: Reverse 49
Breakout: D to D, Over, Partner 50
Breakout: Controlled, Power Play 51

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