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Why should you download Hockey Drills 2: Small Area Games?  Soccer coaches have been using ‘small area games’ in practice for decades. We need to move our game forward by encouraging coaches to use more small area games that increase puck touches, simulate game situations, celebrate the chaos of a real game, and make great use of a small portion of the ice. Download a FREE eBook Sample of Small Area Games.  Did you like what you saw in the sample package? Then get started right now and purchase the Full 26 Small Area Games PDF.

I highly recommend the Hockey Drills, Hockey Drills 2: Small Area Games, and Hockey Goalie Drills products for all youth hockey coaches. Boe and Nate Leslie have created a unique system of coach and player mentorship. I’ve enjoyed watching them develop their coaching business with the same professionalism and passion they brought to the game as players.” Andy Murray, 2011 IIHF Hall of Fame Inductee, 2009 NHL Jack Adams Coach of the Year Finalist, Head Coach of Western Michigan University.

Hockey Drills 2 table of contentsUsing ‘Hockey Drills 2: Small Area Games’ to plan practice will force players out of their comfort zone, reduce decision making time, and increase the speed of execution in exciting and fun battle drills. Full ice drills have merit in practice. However much of a youth hockey practice should be spent in small zone skill stations like in The Complete Season, our first eBook and App, and teaching through small area competition.
The opportunities in small area games to teach situation play, to manage controlled chaos, and to learn to compete are irreplaceable. Using small area games is the most efficient and effective way to drive competition and skill development forward at any level of hockey. When we ask a player to tell us his or her favourite part of practice, 95% say ‘the games we played.’ Let your players learn, compete, and challenge each other.

Do you want your hockey players to be creative, make quick decisions, and learn to battle for every loose puck?  We thought so.  Use these 26 small area game drills every day. Small area games work because kids love to compete, and they love to feel success.  Players from novice to pro all love these games.

Hockey Drills 2: Small Area Games for iOS

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‘Hockey Drills 2: Small Area Games’ is a great resource for hockey coaches from novice to pro.  It’s 26 Small Area Games with tips to set up the drill, rules of the game, key teaching points, and hockey concepts explored in each game. Click the image on the right to view in iTunes. (Currently unavailable as app while we update for iPhone 7.  Get the PDF instead!  App available January 2017)

Young players need to make a few hundred passes per practice. This goal is unrealistic using only full ice drills. ‘Hockey Drills 2: Small Area Games’ is a great resource that makes this goal achievable. Goalies face more shots and second scoring chances, track pucks, and focus on post save recovery. Players thrive in competition.” Glen Hanlon, General Manager Vancouver Giants, WHL.  Former NHL goalie and NHL coach

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