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hockey goalie drill sampleHockey Goalie Drills for Teams: The Complete Season curriculum and drills are written and produced by Philadelphia Flyers Goalie Development Coach Brady Robinson.  With this partnership we bring to you an incredible resource for hockey coaches of all levels.  YOU DON’T NEED TO BE A GOALIE COACH TO USE THESE GREAT GOALIE SHOOTING DRILLS. Hockey Goalie Drills is available as an iOS App and PDF and focuses on 1/3 ice drills a non-goalie specific coach can use with 6-8 shooters.  The season plan is set up to allow 20 minutes per practice dedicated to goalie specific shooting drills that simulate game situation scoring chances.  These goalie drills provide the coach with key goaltending teaching points while allowing players to develop their own shooting and scoring abilities critical in the game of hockey.  Download a full season of hockey goalie drills, practice plans, tactics & tips in one easy to use PDF but before you purchase make sure you download a free Hockey Goalie Drills practice plan and season progression chart so you can see what it is all about.

Brady Robinson is a great goaltending instructor. He has worked with my son, so I know first hand the quality of his work.” Marc Crawford, NHL Coach.

Goaltending is a highly technical position and requires attention to detail. Provide your goaltenders the same high quality training as your players. Empower your coaching staff with innovative goaltending drills and insight.  These user friendly plans include a complete season of hockey goalie drills integrated into practice plans (24 weeks, 3 drills per week) for 3 age groups: Novice-Atom, Pee Wee-Bantam House, Bantam Rep-Midget. That’s over 200 hockey goalie drills and plans for any coach looking to advance his/her goalies.

Each practice follows a curriculum and consists of 3 goalie-specific drills designed to incorporate one coach and a small group of shooters on 1/3 of the ice. It includes a skills curriculum chart, drill descriptions, and key development points for each goalie drill.  Help your goaltenders reach their maximum potential. Coaches who love this product understand that the teaching position of goal is critical to team success. As minor hockey coaches we can no longer say, “Just stop the puck.” That’s way too old school.

Our biggest fans are coaches who thought they knew nothing about goaltending but knew they couldn’t ignore them another minute!

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