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Rinks of Hope: Project Mongolia

Hockey has a wonderful way of pulling Canada together, and it has the possibility of pulling Mongolia together too.  We have a wonderful country and to see it represented through sport here in a rink like this just lights your heart on fire. Ed Jager, Canadian Ambassador to Mongolia and supporter of Rinks of Hope: Project Mongolia.

Project Mongolia HockeyMongolia.  It’s not the first place that comes to mind when you think about hockey.  That may change after you watch this incredible journey by brothers Boe and Nate Leslie.  Our documentary Rinks of Hope: Project Mongolia explores the state of hockey, and our efforts to help, in one of the world’s most remote countries. The first professional coaches to ever coach in Mongolia, Boe and Nate visit 7 outdoor rinks in 5 cities and villages in what turned out to be the most significant youth hockey development initiative the country has ever experienced.  The impact of this journey was so significant that even the Mongolian Secret Service called on behalf of their President to lend his support and encouragement.

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Rinks of Hope: Project Mongolia is receiving critical acclaim and positively influencing leaders, students, families, and athletes around the world.  Contact Boe or Nate Leslie to have us speak at your next event.

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The Project Mongolia presentation was both inspiring and thought provoking.  The message that each of us have a voice was evident throughout the film and through Nate’s story of film-making and hockey.   Nate is an excellent speaker who inspired students to add value to everything they do and to give back to others.  Bryan Lockless, Argyle Secondary School Leadership teacher, North Vancouver.

I must admit, I don’t follow the sport, or any sports for that matter. But this film is about more than a game. It’s about people coming together over a shared passion. It’s about helping strangers across the world. It’s about dedicating yourself to something.  Inspiring, to say the least. And a true, real life, adventure.  Sandra O’Connell, Vancouver Sun.

Media Coverage:

Breakfast Television on City TV with Jodi Vance:

January 13, 2016

CBC Radio Early Edition with Rick Cluff:

January 18, 2016 (Scrub to 58:30 minute mark)


CKNW Radio: The Lynda Steele Show:

January 18, 2016
lynda steele show

Global National Television by Squire Barnes and Barry Deley:

Hockey Night in Mongolia
December 12, 2015

CTV News by Gary Rutherford and Michael Shulman:

The Hockey Wanderer

December 12, 2015
CTV Mongolia Hockey

Local MASS Television, Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia

February 18, 2015

IIHF World Hockey Championships, Prague, Czech Republic

June 4, 2015

Original CBC News Feature by Karin Larsen

June 11, 2014

Other Radio Interviews

December 3 and 5, 2014

Other News Media Articles

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