Mongolia Hockey Documentary Previewed at IIHF World Hockey Championships


The 5 min trailer of our Project Mongolia Hockey Documentary was welcomed with emotion, tears, and support by the IIHF in Prague, Czech Republic

11025688_10203918287897650_2236934523960710567_nLong time no post! We want you all to know our final 5 minute version of our Mongolia Hockey Documentary is virtually complete, with a 60 minute version about 1/2 done editing. We had to get the 5 minute draft done a few weeks ago because the President of the Mongolian Hockey Federation, and our new friend, Mergen, was presenting at the IIHF World Championships Conference in Prague about the state of hockey development in Mongolia, and wanted something to show the IIHF and membership. First of all, how cool is that, that you all helped make that happen? This was Mergen’s report back to us:

I did my presentation with your movie clip at the IIHF congress meeting and went out really well. Many people was very emotional and some others were crying. IIHF promised me to help us for upcoming years with developing hockey in Mongolia especially with equipment distribution. Thank you all.” Mergan Arslan, President, Mongolian Hockey Federation.


We promise to show it to you soon!



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